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Here at Thomas + Davies in Merthyr Tydfil, we offer fixed prices on the ten most common repairs, including brake pads, front windscreen wiper blades, clutch and brake fluid replacement. So get in touch with us for all your Citroën needs, no matter how big or small.

Just as each Citroën model has its own personality, they also have their own servicing schedule. We can help you understand your vehicle's recommended schedule, and we will always use Original and Approved Citroën parts when the time comes for your car or van to be serviced.

Once your car or van reaches three years old, it will need an annual MOT. No one knows your Citroën quite like we do, so book your MOT with us and have the peace of mind that your vehicle is being taken care of by an experienced, DVSA accredited Citroën technician. We'll even clean your car while it's with us.

Your timing belt is in constant use and becomes worn over time. If your timing belt fails, it can cause serious damage and even engine breakdown.If you reach 50,000 miles and haven't had your timing belt checked, contact us and we'll take a look at it for your peace of mind.

Keeping your engine oil topped up is also important, but you must use the correct grade of oil for your car. By choosing Citroën for your servicing, we'll replace your oil with the exact grade needed for your vehicle.

Comfort is an important part of any journey, so we advise keeping your air conditioning system fresh and clean with regular checks and maintenance.You can also help preserve the comfortable atmosphere in your Citroën by maintaining the cabin and pollen filters.

Another filter that must be kept in good condition is the diesel particulate filter (DPF), which is fitted to all Citroën diesel engines as standard. This filters out carbon particles before they leave the exhaust system, which are then burned off when driving at higher speeds. If the filter starts to clog, you'll see a message or light on the dashboard, and this usually means you simply need to go for a longer drive at higher speeds (on the motorway for example). However, if the filter becomes clogged, you may need to give us a call to clear it for you.


Every Citroën has its own servicing schedule, which varies depending on the model and engine you drive
. In your vehicle’s handbook, you’ll be able to find how often you should take your car in for its service, as well as when specific parts should be replaced. Items like spark plugs, oil filters and pollen filters need regular checks and maintenance.

Book your next service online to see exactly what needs replacing and get a quote instantly. Citroën dealers are ideally placed to help you understand exactly what your car needs during its next service. Highly-trained technicians, using original Citroën parts, are on hand to get your service sorted.


We have created Fixed Price Servicing and MOT to satisfy and inspire you by spoiling your car with the best expertise and equipment. You can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that there are no surprises coming your way. All at unbeatable fixed prices, covering the most common Servicing, as shown below. All prices include VAT, Parts and Labour, Warranty.

Year 1* (12 months/10K)                £199
Year 2* (24 months/20K)                £249
Minor** (Every 12 months/10K)     £179
Major** (Every 24 months/20K)     £299
Brake fluid                                          £59
MOT / PRE-MOT (N.I.)                      £54

* Using Citroën Original Equipment
** Using Citroën Approved parts, that meets our quality standard for your vehicle.
Recommended for all makes of vehicle, includes VAT, Parts and Labour, Warranty.

To protect your car's warranty, you'll need to make sure it's maintained in line with the Citroën manufacturer's guidelines, which means using the correct grade of oil and Original equipment-quality parts with every service.

By choosing a Citroën Service Plan, your warranty is guaranteed. Plus you'll benefit from the Citroën&You promise, including a clean car every time your car is in the workshop. Choose a plan up to 3 months from your vehicle registration date or before the first chargeable service and you can cover your annual and scheduled servicing for 36 months or 35,000 miles.

Full vehicle inspection
Check and top up of fluid levels
Replacement of oil and oil filter
Safety and Environmental checks
Any additional checks needed due to age or mileage of your vehicle, as per your Warranty & Maintenance Handbook


Strong, reliable, dependable - your Citroën has been with you through all the wrong turns and traffic jams, so show it some love with the specialist services available here at Thomas + Davies, Merthyr Tydfil. Our friendly, professional team is here to help you keep your vehicle in optimum condition with servicing, MOTs and checks. No one knows the personalities of each Citroën model quite like we do, so bring your vehicle to us on Pentrebach Road to get the very highest level of service.

Citroën designed and built every part of your car, so naturally whenever a part needs to be replaced, Citroën are the best choice to find what you need. From the smallest detail to the largest component authentic Original Citroën parts are engineered to exact standards and specifications.


What’s more, our authentic, durable Originals are surprisingly good value for money, especially when you consider how long they’ll last and how well they perform. So if you do need something replaced on your Citroën, forget ‘almost right’ - trust the experts to supply and fit the real thing for less than you think.

For the most common repairs, you can get an instant quote online including: brake pads and discs, wipers, timing belt, water pump and batteries.

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